Friday, January 4, 2013

The Void

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Polunochnyaya, one of the Zorya, sister goddesses in the Slavic tradition.  Her Sisters are The Morning Star and The Evening Star - Polunochnyaya is the Midnight Star who cradles the dying Sun God at the end of the year.  She straddles the time between light and dark, that moment of reflection between the end of the old year and the begining of the new. To me, she showed herself as moving with a beautiful silence and stoic grace, spreading wisdom where she goes, and being filled with the love of a Mother cradling her child in comfort and security. 

I wanted to share the message of Polunochnaya:
The Void is that which holds up all of creation.  In The Void, there is darkness that surrounds.  In The Void, there is nothing and there is everything.  In The Void, there is no time and there is time without end.  Here, in The Void, what exists is that which we have cultivated within our own souls, within our own personal energies.  It is the womb of The Mother, ready to carry us in the Darkness when our soul's time for reflection has come.   
Here, within this womb, there is the energy of the soul examining itself.  The Void strips us of our masks that we wear in the world of Earth, and we are shown the true nature of our Self.  It is here, in this examination, that the true power of The Void is revealed - for, in The Void, we look at ourselves and we make a decision.  This decision is one that The Void will make manifest for as long as we choose it. 
Do we refuse the power of The Void to birth us into a new existence?  Do we shroud ourselves in the trappings of this mortal coil, the trappings of fear, uncertainty, and pain?  Do we remain clothed in these, bundled so deeply within them that we cannot see the way to move forward?  In The Void, we can certainly do this - we can choose to remain weighed down by grief, anger, and fear and in doing so, remain in The Time Without End.  
In The Void, we can also choose to embrace the power that will birth us into a new existence, into the time of Now.  The power of light, the power of Love, these forces exists in The Void also.  What we bring into The Void, those energies that we chose to weave within our being while on Earth - these are carried into The Void with us.  And I'll let you in on an important secret:  what we welcome into The Void exists there as well.  We have but to decide to embrace the powers of Love and of Light, to welcome them into our Self, to turn away from the blindness of closed minds and eyes, and make the decision to see that these powers are always available to us to call out, draw upon, and be guided by. 
When we make that decision, to embrace Love and to embrace Light, we are renewed - ready to be created again from The Void, from the womb of the Goddess.

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